How to participate?

Who can participate?

The summer school aims to reach in the first place PhD students of the five Flemish university associations. Depending on how many of them apply, there can be room for other researchers and administrative and technical staff. Each university association decides for itself whether it uses more specific eligibility criteria. E.g. no firstyears, no students who participated earlier. Dutch speaking students should enter the site through

People who aren't eligible to participate in the full summer school, can still attend the plenary session. Please register via our external registration form.


The application and registration procedure is the same as last year:

  • Step 1: Apply for an account by filling out the application form. We'll check if you're eligible. If so, you'll receive an email with an account to login. If not, you'll receive an email with more information to register for the "open" programme items of the summer school.
  • Step 2: Starting from Wednesday 2 May 2018, register for programme items of the summer school by logging in on the site. You can register for the plenary session, workshops and lunches. Please keep in mind the rules in the paragraph below. You can edit your registration until Monday June 11 or until there are no more places left.

No-show fee

Participating in the summer school is free. However, if you should cancel your registration after June 11, we'll ask for a no-show fee of 250 euros.

What can I register for?

  • Workshops: you can register for two workshops. Each university association has a fixed number of places, depending on its size. Some workshops consist of several parts; these count as one workshop.

  • Plenary session: you can always register for the plenary session on Tuesday 3 July: even if you're not registered for a workshop on Tuesday, you can register for and attend the plenary session.

  • Lunches: Tuesday (after the plenary session): open for everyone; Wednesday: only meant for those who are present in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Please register for lunch so we can provide you with a voucher upon arrival at the summer school. 

Where can I see my schedule?

You can always consult your schedule through "My schedule" in your account information. Once logged in you can always return to this by clicking on your name in the grey banner on top of the page and select "My account".


Registration on this page means you agree the organisation can take pictures and/or videos of you during the summer school. Should you not agree with this condition, please contact us.