PLENARY SESSION: Science communication: three steps to impact!

Make a plan 

If you want to have impact, you should have a plan. Why do you want to communicate? Who must hear what you have to say? How can you reach them? And what do you want from them? Esther De Smet (Ghent University, Research Department) will not only ask you a lot of questions, but will also tell you all about how communication can help you to become a better researcher and get more out of your research.

Tell stories

Storytelling is everywhere nowadays, and for good reason. People love stories. They stick. Find the stories behind your research, and you’re already halfway there. As a former journalist at the VRT and editor-in-chief of ‘University of Flanders’, Katleen Bracke knows all about storytelling. She’ll explain to you how you can grab attention, keep it, and get your message across. And as a bonus she will reveal what you most definitely should know when interacting with the media.

Get inspired

We conclude this plenary session with a panel discussion. Several interesting people will join our two speakers for an inspiring conversation: going from do’s and don’ts, over unexpected ways to reach your audience and dealing with the press, to what they love in science communication. This and a lot more to inspire you.

Plenary session
Auditorium GA2, O&N1 04.14
Date and time: 
Tuesday, 3 July, 2018 - 10:00 to 12:00
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