Veggie lunch and information market

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Associatie Universiteit & Hogescholen Antwerpen

Wetenschap aan de stroom

From enzyme to hydraulic power, from high energy physics to ecodesign, in Antwerp we accelerate society’s knowledge of science. Would you like to contribute to an event that inspires young and old for science? We are always looking for enthusiastic partners for Dag van de Wetenschap (Science Day), Wetenschapsacademie (Science Academy), Kinderuniversiteit (Children’s University), workshops for schools during the Wetenschapsweek (Week of Science) and competitions like Robocop Junior or the Technologie Olympiade.

Contact: Els Grieten, Jolien De Brauwer, Sophie Timmermans, Ilse Bogaert

Associatie Universiteit - Hogescholen Limburg

Are you a science ambassador? Hasselt University and PXL University College have a range of activities for people of all ages. Would you like to set up an activity at the Science Day (Dag van de Wetenschap), do you feel like organizing a Children’s University (Kinderuniversiteit), Science Cafes (Wetenschapscafés) or do you want to get on stage yourself... Please contact us.

Website: Wetenschapscommunicatie AUHL
Contact: Els Smeyers

Associatie Universiteit Gent

We undertake, stimulate and support numerous initiatives on science communication, such as Science Cafes, Children's Universities, the WoooW Science Festival, ... Would you like to receive  further information or would you like to take part in one of our events? Visit our website or contact us!

Website: and
Contact: David De Wolf and Stephanie Lenoir

Associatie KU Leuven

Doe mij maar wetenschap!

Are you interested in sharing your research with the rest of the world? Would you like to motivate children and teenagers for your research area? We are here to help you!

Doe mij maar wetenschap! collects all activities from the Association KU Leuven and offers you a huge amount of initiatives to reach your goal. Share your knowledge during the Science Festival Day, train boys and girls with a passion for technology during the Techniekacademie, defend your research on stage on one of our (international) Science Slams, enrich enthusiastic children at the Children’s University and become an expert in (social) media by doing one of our media trainings.

Contact: Iris Rademaekers, Lothe Ramakers, Jana Demuyt

Universitaire Associatie Brussel | Science Outreach Office Brussels

Create a bigger impact with your research and gain new skills by communicating with the general public. The Science Outreach Office of the VUB and EhB offers you a number of platforms on which you can share your knowledge with the world. Join the debate during a Science Bar or write a blog on the popular science website Be transformed into a standup comedian during our Bright Club and put all stereotypes about researchers to rest. Dazzle kids with the wonders of science or present your research during the Science Day.

No matter what you participate in, we will guide and support you along the way. Do you have a brilliant idea yourself? Stop by and we will offer advice and look for a way to turn your idea into a successful project! 

Contact: Sofie Verkest


Eos Wetenschap houses numerous initiatives dedicated to spreading and popularizing science. At the core of those efforts lies Eos, a popular science monthly that fills you in on all the latest in sciences.

A platform for citizen science, Iedereen Wetenschapper brings researchers and civilians together. The website is home to the Eos Library, where scientists and research groups can publish their results. Since translating a scientific study to a journalistic article isn’t always an easy thing to do, Eos organizes masterclasses in which experienced editors introduce researchers to professional journalism writing.

Contact: Maksim Marissen


Communication Workshops for Researchers

Are you motivated to write about your research for non-specialists or the press?
Would you like advice on how to deal with journalists?
Do you feel like talking to and learning from colleagues with different cultural background, focusing not on culture but on communication?

Ann De Ron has been training researchers in popular scientific writing since 2008.

She worked for 10 years as a journalist and editor for several Belgian and international print media and websites, for instance for the newspaper De Morgen, Knack magazine, MO*Magazine and Natuur & Techniek (the Dutch NewScientist). She holds a master in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor in Intercultural Communication.

Contact: Ann De Ron

Jonge Academie

The Jonge Academie of Belgium (Flanders) brings together young top researchers and artists with a vision on society, science, art and policy. Science communication is a theme we work on. We reach out to peers and the public and work together with media and academic partners such as the universities, Eos, Canvas, Standaard newspaper, Klara and Technopolis.

Together with the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts (KVAB), the Jonge Academie awards the annual prizes and career prize for science communication. Together with Eos, we will award the Pipet Prize. In 2016, we published a statement on Citizen science (in Dutch and English). We co-organize the science communication workshop day "Kom Naar Buiten" on 16 November, 2017.

contact: Bert Seghers

PhD Cup

The Flemish PhD Cup wants you

Did you obtain your PhD degree in the past year and a half? Then the Flemish PhD Cup challenges you to convey to the general public the insights of the doctoral research you have been working on for years! Not through an academic lecture, but told as a compelling and comprehensible story for non-peers. After an intense mediatraining, you will face the ultimate test: can you explain the core of your PhD in just… three minutes?

More info on (only in Dutch) – Registration until July the 7th.

Contact: Arnaud Zonderman

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 4 July, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:30
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